Kestrel Executive Services


How does Kestrel cater for the Independent Traveller?
We provide an exclusive, friendly service aimed at the independent traveller who does not want to be part of a structured coach tour, or struggle with unfamiliar maps in a rented car. We travel at your pace and will stop at any time you wish for refreshments and photos. Our tour is completely flexible and the schedule can be changed at anytime, for those special moments which occur on a great holiday! The cost of our service is fixed in advance and does not change unless you ask for significantly more time than agreed. Your driver is a courteous and attentive friend who will answer your questions and make suggestions but will not intrude on your privacy.

Does Kestrel cater for the Corporate Traveller?

Yes, we will meet you or your VIP clients at the airport or hotel and take you to your meetings. We will take your wife or partner shopping or sightseeing and ensure their safety at all times. If you are organising a conference we will even be available to run errands; collecting and delivering documents and materials, and being on call at all times. In the evening we will take you to a restaurant or private function and be on call to get you safely home, later. You will find this service to be significantly cheaper and more reliable than calling for a taxi.

Do you provide airport transfers?

Yes, we will meet flights at any time of the day or night. When we are booked to meet a flight or take a client to catch a flight we carefully monitor the latest flight information. If the flight is arriving or departing earlier or later than scheduled we will adjust our plans and, if necessary, inform your host, hotel, or guest house of the change.

What type of tours do you do?

We can suggest a range of half day and day tours to many beautiful spots in and around Cape Town and the Winelands. For a relaxing time we would not normally travel further from Cape Town than 120km. On a full day tour we would typically cover 300km to the various attractions and back. If you have special interests we can travel further. For example, to the southernmost tip of Africa at Cape Aghulas. Many first-time visitors want to hire a car but first orientate themselves. We have a tour which specifically helps visitors to understand the location of the main attractions and the best and safest routes to follow. If you are interested in wine we will plan a route with you to taste and explore the estates we think you will like best and recommend special places to stop for lunch.

What do we get for the price?

You get the services of a driver/guide, who will meet you at any time and place you choose. You can stop for as long as you want at any of the sightseeing sites, and you can change the schedule at any time. The price you pay is for the driver and car. If a price has been agreed for a particular tour or service and you want to use the vehicle for a longer period the driver can advise you of any extra charges, in advance. The driver will have water and non-alcoholic drinks available, and you can arrange in advance for a picnic basket to be included. The price does not include charges for road tolls (only two roads have these tolls in Cape Town), or entrance fees such as to Cape Point Nature Reserve.

Is it necessary to pre-book?

The busiest period for tourism in the Cape is from December to April. We advise you make a reservation before arriving in Cape Town during that period.

Can I book online?

Yes, this is the easiest way to communicate with us. Our e-mail address is given in the Contacts page, which follows.

How do I pay you?

For simple transfers or tours we accept cash on completion of the journey. If you want to use our services for a longer period we can advise you in advance of the deposit required. This can be made by electronic transfer to our local bank. Some clients pay their hotel or guest house by credit card for our services and we then receive the funds from the guest house. This is normally agreed in advance.

Do you deal with Travel Agents?

Yes, if your arrangements are being handled by your agents, we will liaise with them on your behalf.

Tell me more about accompanied hiking and walking

The natural beauty of the Cape is breathtaking. Many tourists do not realise how accessible this beauty can be, via well marked trails. For example, some of these walks can take only two hours and may be within a few minutes of your hotel or guest house. Almost all of the walks are quiet, peaceful and safe. Nevertheless it is normal for the visitor to feel nervous or uncertain. We have found that there is a demand from tourists for an experienced local companion, either to walk with them or give expert advice. Your driver will be pleased to provide this service at an affordable cost, based on an hourly rate. He will take your fitness and experience into account before choosing or recommending a particular path. He will also check that you are adequately dressed and take the forecasted weather conditions into account.

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